natural cold remedies

VerySarie Cold Remedies

It seems like just about everybody I know- including me and Mr. Gooder- were struck down by some sort of illness over the Holidays. If you know anything about me, you know the first thing I turn to are my tried and true natural remedies. I have lots of tricks up my sleeve, but these six seem to do the trick every time.

ZINC: Won't stop your cold, but definitely makes it shorter. I boost my dose the minute I feel a tickle in the throat. 

THROAT COAT: Speaking of throats- Holy cow is this tea a life saver! Seriously, go buy some now just so you have it on hand in case of emergency. My best friend introduced me to this, and it is seriously god's gift to irritated pipes. Also soothes that dreaded dry cough at the end of a cold.

NETI POT: If it seems weird to you, just try it. You'll become a believer. If it doesn't seem weird to you, congratulations. You've obviously used one and are familiar with it's magical powers. Besides, nothing makes you feel mo better than actually seeing snot leave your body. Gross, I know. But reassuring nonetheless.

COCONUT OIL: By now everyone knows how amazing coconut oil is. But did you also know it's anti-viral and anti-bacterial? It's also high in lauric acid and is thought to dissolve the lipid coating around some viruses and make them more susceptible to attack by the immune system. Cool, huh? I take several tablespoons a day when I'm getting sick and it works wonders. My favorite delivery method is stirred into some hot tea. 

VITAMIN D3:  There's a reason why sitting in the sun feels so good when you've had a cold. Vitamin D. I dose up on it while sick to help speed recovery. 

HONEY: Another sore throat and cough soother, raw honey also has anti-microbal properties. 

Now it's your turn. What natural remedies do you turn to when you're feeling under the weather? I'd love to know!