Thrifting is one of my favorite things to do. Yes, there are a lot of great flea markets around here- and those are fun- but there's just something about combing through a bunch of junk. Yes junk. And spotting that little treasure buried or hiding just out of site. Looking a little out of place on the cluttered shelves under the harsh fluorescent lighting. Your heart beats a little faster, and you know you've found something to welcome home. It doesn't hurt when the price tag says $1.50 either. That's really what makes it thrilling- and worth the hunt.

I've been having trouble finding my go-to stores in LA. Minneapolis residents- I can tell you right now that Unique thrift in Columbia Heights will never let you down. They even separate "vintage" clothing into it's own area, with prices that are truly thrift store prices. I can't tell you how many gorgeous old lady coats I scored there- including a full length mink in mint condition for $30. (My rule is real fur is ok if it's older than me. I could have done nothing to stop it's creation and at this point I'm saving it from the landfill.) The Salvation Army off of 10th in downtown Minneapolis is pretty good too. My ultimate piece from there is a danish modern hutch picked up for $150. You heard me. Anything close to it that I've seen out here goes for about 4 grand. Yep. The bottom floor is also all overstock and sample pieces from Target headquarters- so that's a bonus. Two stores in one!

Anywho- Last week I did a run to about 6 different stores in the valley and I think I finally found at least one that's not a million miles away and seems to hold some promise. Here are the treasures I swooped up:



Japaneese teapot with 5 cups: 6.95


5 Silver ombre rimmed low balls: 3.95


Wooden spool shaped candlesticks: 1.95


Glass cocktail shaker with recipe graphics: 2.95


Brass mail holder: 2.00


And my favorite- Heart shaped brass box: 5.00. It was pretty dingy, but I polished it up and it's real purdy now!

So get out there- find your own treasures! Make your space unique! Unless you're a germ-a-phob. In which case you will not like thrifting. At all!