an office ottoman redo

I can hardly wait to show you my dining room turned office. I've been busy at work making it gorgeous and I'm pretty sure it's going to be my most favorite working space to date. It's the one room that Craig has absolutely no say in, so I'm taking it just a little girly. Actually- he's not entirely to blame. I do tend to mix in quite a bit of masculinity in my spaces, but when I can, I love to play up the feminine too!

Although the office isn't done yet, I did want to share this DIY that is turning out to be the punctuation mark on the room.


I've had these stools for, no joke at least 10 years. I'm sure longer. They were a clearance score from Target, and I've threatened to rid myself of them several times, but it's nice to have the extra little kick of storage under the seat. The before image actually makes them look WAY better than they were in person. The wood grain was actually a printed contact paper like surface. The tops, yes, were ok, but totally boring. I added the leather trim a long time ago to jazz things up a bit, but overall they just looked cheap and tired. 

I've also had this fabric for forever and a day. Anyone who lives in Minneapolis knows the dangers of S.R. Harris and how it's easy to get swept up in a flurry of home interior fabric sales, then go home and realize you have no idea what to do with 5 yards of this fabulous, yes, but totally bold floral. Especially if you live with a guy, that shit ain't going to fly. When I lived alone for awhile it was the backdrop to my closet office, so I suppose it's apropos that it's landing in my office again.
I am beyond THRILLED with how these turned out and can't wait to show you the rest of the room! A no cost solution (literally) that is making all the difference!