new life for an old throw


Ah of those times in life where we get rid of the old, welcome the new and rediscover things forgotten. Case in point: these pillows I made from a vintage afghan.




I made these when I lived in Minnesota and actually never used them. It was shortly before I moved to California, and they got packed up into a box and forgotten about. I still love them, but one of the reasons they never got unpacked is because they're not really a favorite of Craig's. I'm enamored by vintage afghans- I love the colors and patterns, and imagine the stories of their creation. Where long hours spent crocheting to make the perfect gift for someone? Was this a first project that started a lifelong love of crafting? Or one of a long series of projects simply inspired by a particular color of yarn? Craig just sees them as "granny." I get it, and there are other things I would rather fight for. So the pillows get put away.

I'm actually thinking of adding them to my etsy shop. I have several other afghans I would love to change into pillows and lately I've been contemplating a mix of things I've designed + found vintage items + items repurposed from vintage items for the shop. What do you think? Would you love some throw pillows made from vintage afghans?