so I bought a farmhouse table





Last weekend we bought our first piece of furniture for the new house. A GINORMOUS farmhouse table. I knew I wanted one- I'm turning what would be the small dining room off of the kitchen into my office, so wanted a dining area in the front room. I knew a big farmhouse table would be perfect there. (I'm imagining long drawn out dinner parties in front of the fireplace with wine that never ends...)

Let me tell you, this table is something. Besides the fact that it weighs about 20 tons, it can comfortably seat 10- what?! So yeah, a bit bigger than I had intended, but let me tell you why. We saw several tables, they were all beautiful but oh so expensive. (I've also had my eye on this one from West Elm.) When I walked up to this table and inquired about the price I thought IF he says something for $1000 or less we can talk. (that was a big if though.) Imagine my surprise when he said $450. My play it cool face kicked in. Of course I tried to talk him down. Of course he looked at me like I was a it was ours- for $450. It's a bit darker than I wanted, but down the road I'm thinking about giving it a good sanding to make it look a tad more rustic. to fill out the rest of the room. My plan was to put the white Eames chairs you see in the photos on the ends, have metal farmhouse chairs on one side (these ones from overstock are a steal) and a bench on the fireplace side. Unfortunately the white chairs don't tuck under the table, and with the length of the table, it just gets too long having them on the ends. So they need to live someplace else (sad face.) Those yellow chairs however, which I had no intention of keeping in this room may just go on the ends for a pop of color. I'm still planning on getting 4 metal chairs for the window side, but my dilemma is white or antique metal. (What do you think?!) On the fireplace side I'm also still planning on a bench (or two shorter benches) but I'm thinking about building my own. I found some reclaimed wood on Craigslist for cheap and think the benches would look great with some vintage hairpin legs. Craig says he doesn't like the thought of me operating a circular saw, but I say to heck with that! (He followed it up with "well, when I have to break up with you because you have no fingers don't say I didn't tell you so. He kids. I hope.) 
Here is some of the original inspiration I pinned for the room:

After chairs, my next challenge is figuring out how to style an 8 foot by 4 foot table top for everyday. Thoughts?