a space to work in


Chill work space w a great chair




Pinterest is the modern day window to the soul. I tell anyone I know who is having a hard time decorating their space to just go start pinning things they like. Not things they think they want in their spaces. No, rooms already created that just make them FEEL good. Don't even think about it. Once you have a good number of pins, take a step back, look at what you collected and the images will tell YOU what the space needs to be (or it will tell your designer what it needs to be if you're still apprehensive.)

I did this recently with office spaces. My office will most likely be the first space that I tackle in our new home. I've never been happy with the office I have at our current house. A big chunk of the room was taken over by shelving and bins for my clothes to accommodate the lack of closet space, and another big piece of real estate was taken up by a hutch that I love dearly but didn't fit anywhere else so just ended up there. (It just didn't work well as a piece of office furniture- at least not for my needs.) When things aren't to my liking in a space I also have a bad habit. I become a total slob. I have no incentive to keep things nice and pretty because things aren't nice and pretty when they're cleaned up. It's not something I'm proud of, and it drives Craig totally nuts, so it's a habit I need to change.

My plan right now is to turn a small dining room off the kitchen into my office space. That way it's an area that is 100% dedicated to being my office, and then the second bedroom can stay a dedicated guest room + overflow storage for us. And I can turn even the smallest spaces into a workable office- evidence here of my home office in Minneapolis.

I started pinning home office images and quickly some trends became apparent. Whites + neutrals with maybe one pop of color. Muted metals with mid century furniture & accents. Collected artwork or dedicated space to pin up inspirational images.

These are a few of my favorite inspirational images so far, but go ahead and check out all my office space pins here. I'll keep you posted on how the space evolves!