Happy friday + 5 things

Happy Friday! I hope you have lots of fun or relaxation or both planned this weekend. We'll be getting our green boxes delivered today, so I plan on spending time packing things up. 

Sunday I'll be taking some time out to brunch (are you coming?) and Superbowl. 

Here are five things that got me inspired this week:


The "y" used as an eyelash kills me in this illustration. (file under "why didn't I think of that.)

Egg chair

I'm scheming a way to have an egg chair in our new place. Pretty sure that won't happen, but a girl can dream.


The Ubiquitous office remodel blew me away. I wouldn't mind going into work there one bit!

Want it all

Don't we all! I want it all sign

Warm coconut milk

I've been sick all week so this image and recipe for coconut milk and bourbon looked reeeeeally good to me.

Enjoy your weekend- xo Sarah