Minneapolis & meatballs




Sometimes I think the thing I miss about Minneapolis the most are my favorite restaurants. But sometimes it's even more fun to discover new joints that have popped up in your absence. 

Our first day back in Minneapolis we were looking for a quick lunch, and my criteria was that it was close. It was wicked cold out and our hotel was in a weird spot not connected by a lot of skyways. (Minneapolis has a brilliant system of 2nd floor "tunnels" that let you travel on foot most of downtown without ever stepping foot outside.)

Devil's Advocate popped up on my trip advisor, so we were off. And pleasantly surprised. The menu focuses on meatballs, and you build your meal depending on which kind and how many you want. It was a warm, inviting space tucked away on the edge of downtown (for those of you who know Minneapolis, it's the old Hell's Kitchen spot.) Great food, killer beer selection, what's not to love on a cold winter day?