Mammoth: the eating part


One of my favorite things to do when I travel is eat. I love discovering new places and having new eating experiences. While we were in Mammoth though we didn't go out to eat at all. Not once. I would feel kind of bad about it, but we had a condo with a little fireplace, and there's nothing like food bubbling in the kitchen, fire crackling in the living room and snow falling outside during the holidays.

When we arrived on the first night, it was snowing pretty hard so we hunkered down and I made one of Craig's favorites: Killer Shrimp. If you're not from Southern California you will not know what this is (I didn't.) Apparently there used to be one in Studio City, and Craig and his buddy's eyes would gloss over as they spoke of it. Bowls of fragrant, soupy, spiced broth with peel and eat shrimp thrown in to cook minutes before it came to your table. When the shrimp is gone and your hands are covered in broth, there are baskets of bread to sop up the soupy goodness. (This is not first date eating people.) I don't drink soda, but Craig has to have his with a Mexican coke.
Killer Shrimp was long gone by the time we met, but I did set out to find a recipe for him. I think maybe that's one of the reason's he fell in love with me. I kid. (Not really) If you're reading this and you're in the LA area, you're in luck! Killer Shrimp has reopened in Marina Del Ray, and Craig says it tastes just the same. (He said my version is pretty damn good too.) If you're not in California try this recipe. It's the one I've used the most. Be sure to read the reviewers suggestions. Lots of people have tinkered to get it just right. I ease up on the butter a lot and use fresh herbs because I usually have them on hand. We did ask them at the restaurant if the on-line recipes are correct. Of course they said there's one secret ingredient missing. Of course.


Another great meal was baked blueberry french toast on Christmas morning. I used Giada's recipe and it was both super easy and super delicious. 

Then after breakfast I had a Christmas morning chat with my Mom and Dad 21st Century style with facetime. Aren't they just the cutest! My Grandmother, who was staying with them, was a little freaked out by it I think. She just kept saying "well, I never..."
And don't feel too bad for poor Rita, sitting there just waiting for something to drop on the floor. She got plenty of her own holiday treats!