happy friday + lately


Happy Friday guys! We've had a couple of really exciting things happen the past week.

First, we held a two day old baby. Our very good friends welcomed their second little boy to the world and we were thrilled to finally meet him! He's just the sweetest little thing- I mean look at that photo. He's two days old and I swear he's smiling! Precious.

Second- We're moving! In just 3 short weeks. (yikes!) And we couldn't be more excited! The new place is really something. That's me in the photo contemplating in my head "hmmm, it doesn't have a dedicated office space plus a guest room (which is what I REALLY wanted) but there are so many other super awesome things, we're going to have to get this place, aren't we?" Like that double sided fireplace you see in this image. (what?!) We're still renting because it's expensive to buy in LA, y'all! Not quite ready to plunk down our life savings for a down payment. Someday though.

Our move also has me contemplating what stays and what goes. Like these yellow chairs. I rescued them from the dumpster of my friends apartment complex 15 years ago. (seriously) They've had many iterations through the years, and I'm pretty sure these little babies will be coming along for this new ride. That color is just too perfect! 

I leave you with Rita's sweet face. That's one happy dog! Have a wonderful weekend full of lots of surprises and adventures!