A rustic, eclectic retreat







Happy Holidays everyone! I'm taking a little break after today for the Holidays, and will be back blogging again the second week of January. The man, the dog and I are off for a little Christmas get away in Mammoth for some snow and slopes time. This will be the first Christmas that we will be together since we met actually, (he's usually off to Minnesota and I'm off to Iowa) so I'm really looking forward to it. 

I can't say we will be anywhere nearly as incredible as this place though. Seriously, it blew my mind right out when I saw these images. It's rustic, it's kitchy, it's bohemian, it's modern. I'm loving all the unexpected textures and colors in the decor. If I was ever invited to stay I'm pretty sure the owners wouldn't be able to get me to leave. 

Located in the town of Megéve in the French Alps, it was a 2 year project to renovate the 1870 structure, and was decorated by Belgian decorator Lionel Jadot. 

via desire to inspire