etsy gift guide: wool socks


I seem to find myself looking at knitted socks a lot lately. Maybe it's because it's one of those ye ol' timey gifts. Maybe because it's just that time of year when you want to get all cozy. Maybe it's because I just can't seem to get over how much WORK goes into something as utilitarian as a pair of socks. Yeah, these are not your ordinary socks people. These are your "pull em on after a long day of work" socks. Your "Saturday morning blanket, paper, cup of coffee" socks. They're probably not for everyone on your list, but for the right person, these would be a most outstanding gift.

Then again, I could be into them because when I was a little girl, every year for Christmas my great aunt Dorothy would make everyone a pair of these:


As a child, this was most certainly the gift you did NOT want to receive. Especially every year. Looking back, I can now fully appreciate the undertaking this was. I mean, this woman HAND KNITTED a pair of these for every single child and grandchild of hers as well as her brother's and sisters' children and grandchildren. That's a whole lotta knittin folks. She also baked boxes and boxes of Christmas cookies- some recipes that have yet to be replicated by anyone else in the family. She was a true maker that Dorothy. I have a whole lot of my Grandma Millie's fiestiness, but as I get older I wish I would have had more time on this earth with Dorothy. I'm beginning to realize we may have had a lot in common...

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