Adding Simple boho flair to throw pillows

Very Sarie Boho Throw Pillow DIY
Transform Your Throw Pillows

Sometimes you find (or have) a perfectly fine throw pillow. But then you're sitting on your couch and KA-BAM! You realize your humble throw pillow could be more than just fine, it could be GLORIOUS. Ok- glorious is a stretch, but I gotta say, this here quick (and ridiculously simple) DIY makes me all sorts of happy. 

Just look at that before and after. Before- Fine. More than fine. Bold use of pattern mixing. Perfectly acceptable. 

But then OH MY GOODNESS, heeeelllloooo pink pom poms! Now don't you just make all the difference in the world!

Originally, I had planned on adding the poms to the four corners of the pillows. But then, design fate intervened (as it often does) when I innocently placed the pom poms on top of the pillow before sewing. (I have another pillow that I made from scratch with the poms on the corners, and I love it- I'll be sure to share that sometime too real soon.) 

DIY boho pom pom pillow

It's almost embarrassing to call this a DIY- it's so simple. But here goes.

1) Get yourself a pillow. This global, black and white one is from Target.

2) Make yourself some pom poms out of yarn. Here's a great tutorial on making oversize ones like mine.

3) Grab a needle and thread and secure onto pillow.

4) Pour a glass of Rose to congratulate yourself on being awesome.

Dress up your throw pillow
BOHO Throw pillow DIY Very Sarie

And that's it. Pretty easy, huh? So easy, I'm wondering if you'll give it a try- let me know!!