An unexpected "plantified" tablescape

I love changing things up on the big farmhouse table in my front room. If I could, I would have the table covered in flowers all the time- but then I would also be broke. So sometimes I cover the table with things I happen to have on hand. And one of those things is ALWAYS plants!

Plant and white pots tablescape

I love this styled arrangement with plants, white pots, white ceramics, and white metal cutout votive holders. I can leave it set up as long as I want, and as time passes, I can swap different things in and out- like vintage candle holders, and these succulent cuttings recently clipped from another plant. It's especially lovely for springtime, when our bodies seem to be craving as much green as possible!

Plants and white pots table setting
Very Sarie Succulents plants
Very Sarie Plant Tablescape

See that pedestal with the terracotta pots? It's just a white plate set on an upside down bowl. Oldest trick in the book for creating height and visual interest on your table. 

Very Sarie Plant tablescape
Very Sarie Plant styling
Very Sarie Plant Styling
plants and white pots table styling
Plant cuttings in styled table arrangement
starting succulent plants from leaves

I also love using this styled arrangement as my nursery: I made clippings of plants that were getting unruly, and set them in water to root, and succulent leaves were sprinkled around the base of one of my pots so the ends could dry and heel over before potting in soil.

succulent in Ikea metal planter

What do you think? Does it inspire you to create some planted vignettes around the house?? Let me know in the comments!