Bourbon Sidecar Cocktail Recipe

I'm a cocktail lover. Los Angeles is a haven for mixologist right now, and I'll admit that I go to a lot of restaurants specifically to try out the drinks. I really like the old standbys too though. (I'm telling you, nothing will impress your guests more than if you can whip up a manhattan right before their eyes.) 

I thought it would be fun to illustrate a few of the classics here in the coming weeks. Some with a twist, some straight out of Mr. Boston's Bartender's Guide. (I have 2 vintage copies: one originally printed in 1935, and one in 1988. And let me tell you, there are some dandy's in there.)

First up is a bourbon sidecar. Sidecars are usually made with brandy, but I'm going to level with you- I'm a bourbon gal. So anytime I can swap an ingredient out for bourbon...well, it's gonna happen. 

Happy sipping!