Finding the California Super Bloom

By now I'm sure you've heard that California is having a massive wildflower super bloom this spring due to the many years of drought coupled with record-breaking rains over the winter. (It can even be seen from space!) Eventually, the instagram posts proved to be too tempting, so I hit the road with my friend Kate so we could experience some blooms for ourselves.

We were pleased as punch when we (quite accidentally) happened upon this field of yellow flowers. Seriously- we discovered at our first planned stop that the blooms had already dried up from the heat, and were feeling a bit defeated. Then we took a wrong turn, ended up someplace we weren't supposed to be, and BOOM! A sea of yellow.

Here I am channeling Little House on the Prairie. And below I'm doing my best "blogger jumping" impersonation.

The blooming goodness goes from March to July. While it’s over in the places closer to Los Angeles, the bloom is just now starting in Northern California’s coastal areas; some parts of the state with later snowmelt, like Lassen Volcanic National Park, will be abloom in the summer. If you're in California, hop over to Visit California’s list for peak wildflower times by location and hit the road for a flower finding adventure!