dreaming of blueberries


I've never been too much of a blueberry person-until recently. I've been getting them in my CSA box from Farm Fresh to You, so I've been putting them with everything. TOTALLY get it now peeps.

I also spend an unusually amount of time looking at beautiful food photography. Yeah, I don't know, it truly is my porn I guess. Here is a collection of some of my recent favorite blueberry photos- I love the bright greens, blues and turquoise in the palette. So fresh and pretty. 

oatmeal / smoothie / mojito / jam

an easter menu

Easter is just around the corner, and I'm busy putting together a menu for a casual little shindig with friends. Here's a peak at how it's shaping up:


I have to be honest though- I will not be making either of those cakes. They were just so pretty I had to include them. My form of "baking" is picking a cake up from a pro at the bakery. That way I know it will be pretty. Otherwise- not so much.

I've been making the fig and goat cheese tapenade for years, and it's so good it'll make you cry. So really, I'm just doing it for selfish reasons. But everyone will benefit, so I guess it's not so selfish after all. 

And ham, well, you have to have ham on Easter. It's the law.

strawberry limeaid / mint julep
tomato almond spread / fig & goat cheese tapenade
honey mustard glazed ham / bacon wrapped green beans / scalloped potatoes / pea & radish salad
Coconut Southern Comfort Layer Cake / Chocolate Cake with Crepe Paper Flowers  

(eating) olive & thyme

One of my favorite places to eat in and around my neighborhood is a gourmet cafe & marketplace called Olive & Thyme in Toluca Lake. The decor is a cozy country chic, and while you are waiting for them to make up your oh so delightful eats you can shop the market for the best gourmet meats, cheese, and goods.


They also have coffee made from Intelligentsia beans and a to die for pastry case from Valerie Confections. (On Valentine's day I had the homemade pop tart- so yummy!)

The menu is filled with delights like (the best) open faced egg salad sandwich, short rib with horseradish creme fraiche & carmelized onion, and the B.A.T. (bacon, avacado, and heirloom tomato on sourdough). The deli case offers lasagna with bechamel, bacon & cheese macaroni, along with an array of fresh & inventive salads.

I'm dying to try out brunch (or friday night burger night). Maybe that's a plan for this weekend...I'll report back!



snapshots from the weekend


stopped by the Kate Spade Florence Broadhurst tour bus / had a friday night date at the Original Farmers Market / bought some new books / savored an Umami burger (mmmmm) / set up the new garden / checked out a flea market / grilled some fish tacos / had a wonderful Sunday night dinner with old and new friends

victory garden of tomorrow

These prints from Victory Garden of Tomorrow make me smile. For many reasons. Especially the greens from space.




ingredients & cooking: leela cyd

If you follow me on pinterest or instagram you'll notice that I like food: eating food, looking at pretty pictures of food, TAKING pretty pictures of food...

I especially love shots of cooking in process and the ingredients that go into the meal. It's like seeing the creative parts of the puzzle- in a creative way.


So of course I just loved these images from Leela Cyd.


weekend eats

Sometimes the weekends are for going out and exploring new things. Sometimes the weekends are for staying home and having a little mellow time. One thing is for sure in my life though- the weekends are for eating! And if I end up spending most of the weekend at home like I did this past weekend, then the weekends are for cooking. Here are some snapshots from my kitchen over the past few days. (I even snuck in a rare eggy treat for Sunday breakfast!)


a grown up valentine's day party


So here's the deal with me and Valentine's Day. I loved it as a kid- probably because I made my own Valentine's, and any time we spent school time decorating a shoe box with glitter and markers was a good day in my book. But as I got older....not so much. As a romantic holiday, it just never did much for me. I could give you a blahbiddy blah blah about it being too commercial, but I don't know that that's the case.

Because you see, professionally, any time I could work on a Valentine's Day campaign, well, also a good day in my book. So it got me thinking, maybe as adults we've got it all wrong. As kids, it's not a holiday for sweethearts. It's a holiday for love. Love of your teachers, your friends, your parents, heck even your brothers and sisters for a day. So why can't we have that as adults? A grown up Valentine party to celebrate all the loves of our lives. I like it. It may even have to become a new tradition....


kissing booth poster / heart matches / apple, ginger & cranberry vodka cocktails / heart garlands / sweetheart sprinkles / heart balloons / glitter heart cake picks / minty dog cocktail / xoxo bunting / cherry vanilla layer cake