stamp it!

I get so much inspiration from vintage stamps- It's such a little space to work with that to be successful the design has to be quite succinct. And the colors from the vintage stamps are just to die for, don't you think? (seriously, look at that blue bird with the yellow background!)

found here

vintage spice island cook book inspiration

I was thrilled to find this vintage cookbook at the Rose Bowl flea market yesterday. Lately I've been on a hand drawn illustration kick, and this is chock full of inspiration. The illustrations remind me of linoleum block prints- a favorite of mine from high school and college. And the bright saturated colors are just singing to me. After I'm done swooning over the artwork, I may even find a recipe or two to make!





Illustrations by Alice Harth

embroidery illustrations by sarah walton

Sometimes you happen across something that just perfectly combines all the things you love. That is the case with Sarah Walton. Illustration? Check. Sewing/fabric? Check. Pattern? Check. Three great things that (in this case) go great together.



an illustrated travel planner

I literally couldn't stop smiling when I came across these illustrated travel planners from Gwen aka Bugheart. There's something equal parts charming, artsy, and sort of scientific (they remind me of periodic tables, or 4H bug collections) that endears me.



Wouldn't prints of these be wonderful! (hint, hint) I could see them hanging in a wardrobe or laundry area. Or tucked onto a shelf in the living room of a stylish young lass.


And then to ratchet up the cute factor even more, check out the baby clothes planners. I absolutely want prints of these to give to every expectant mother I will know for the rest of my life. Not joking.