meet me at the lake house

My sweetie and I know each other from Minnesota. Or rather because of Minnesota. You see, he grew up in the northern suburbs of the twin cities, and I lived in Minneapolis for 12 years. But we never lived there at the same time. Or even met there. We actually met here in LA when I was visiting a friend who is also originally from Minnesota. We were both invited to drinks, and well, the rest is history.

So it's this shared nostalgia for MN that has us both dreaming of a simple lake house to escape to in the summer time. (That's what Minnesotans do) Like this one, beautifully shot by Magnus Anesund. Isn't it divine? Small. Simple. Quiet. Perfect.


dreaming of: a mid-century modern office (3 ways)

This post is inspired by the return of Mad Men (ahhhhhhhh!!!!!) and my desire to have a much more organized, pretty office space. Which probably would be more easily achievable if half of my office wasn't also my overflowing closet space. I could get rid of some clothes, but I think I'll just wish for a bigger closet, and an office occupying it's very own room. A girl can dream.

And why 3 ways? Because sometimes I just can't make up my mind. I think I'm leaning towards neutral chic, or girly vogue...maybe a combo of the two... What's your favorite?


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some suzani for your world

A long time ago fell in love with this image from Elle Decor. Like really in love.  It was before Pinterest, so it was torn out and filed away, popping up occasionally to make me fall in love all over again.


I know some would say that the trend of suzanis has come and gone. But I don't agree. For me, suzani pattern continues to be a way to do global in a very modern and fun way.

So the image popped up again (on pinterest this time, and yes I'm still in love!) and I got to thinking: what are the best ways to incorporated Suzanis into your decor? 


The most traditional way is to use a Suzani bedspread is well, as a bedspread. It's certainly the easiest in regards to the fact that you just throw it on the bed. But for some, this may be the hardest. I love the bright and bold patterns and colors, but for others it may be a shock to have so much boldness all at once. If you're scared, just remember to keep everything else in the room pretty neutral. Layering with materials, as opposed to colors and patterns is generally best.


Another bold option is to use it as wall art. (also seen above in the Elle Decor example) I especially love using them hung behind the bed as a headboard. Instant drama. Framing them is a great way to give new life to Suzani's that may have seen better days. (And possibly a cheaper option)


If you don't have a bed or a wall to dedicate, you still have options. The patterns and options for Suzani throw pillows are endless, and it's such a great way to give some new life to your couch (or bed.) I actually think I may have fallen in love with the image of the white couch and pillows as much as the original image now. Yes. It's decided. I have. Seriously, a quick search on etsy turns up countless pillow options. 

Upholstering a piece of furniture is a stunning option as well. I especially love this when a more traditional silhouette is covered in the pattern- like the wing back above. Foot stools, and ottomans would be lovely recovered and could make a great centerpiece for your living room when used as a coffee table.

Since Suzanis are essentially fabric, the options really are limitless. How about you? How would you incorporate Suzani pattern into your world?

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a bold move

I loved this post by SF Girl by Bay. I'm a pretty colorful person, (and even though I would REALLY REALLY want to) I don't know if I could do this kichen. I'm too fickle when it comes to color. It's so purdy though. I especially like that it's not all matchy matchy, and punctuated with the green pot and blue towel.

Guess I'll start with the table legs. Baby steps.