Color Stories: Blushing Blues

I never understood, when, back in the day, my fellow grade-schoolers would adamantly insist that blue was their favorite color. It was never at the top of my list. Not in my wardrobe, not in my home, not in my designs. I know- crazy right?! It's not that I was anti blue, It was just never the first color in the crayon box that I reached for.

Well, that's all starting to change... I find it creeping into my life in unexpected ways. Especially when I see just how stunning cobalt hues can be when paired with (my more traditional favorites) blush pink, coral, and muted moss greens and yellows.  I never thought I would be so bold as to paint walls a deep, bright blue, but seeing said wall draped in that stunning coral curtain has me thinking twice. And blue shoes? I bought a pair of cobalt heels recently and they are the talk of the town. Ok, not really, but I've gotten several unsolicited compliments from very nice strangers. And that's talk of the town in my book. 

Your turn: Blue. Love it? Hate it? Have you ever considered or would you ever try this combo? I'd love to hear!

opal stones (source unknown) / faceted vase / flower collage painting / lace up shoes / coral & navy bedroom / citrus & leaves / earrings