Upcycled tassel trim basket

Upcycled basket beforef

I found this basket buried under a rack of clothes at the thrift store several years ago for the whopping price of $4. From the beginning, I had plans of transforming it in some fashion, but the poor thing sat and sat and sat waiting for that day to come. 

Finally, the perfect plan was hatched. I'd always loved the "architecture" of the basket- that the top and bottom had different weaves- and wanted to accentuate it. I'm also just a wee bit obsessed with tassel right now (along with the rest of the world) so I knew I wanted to add some to the top. 

Up-cycled basket with painted stripe and DIY tassels

Up-cycled basket with painted stripe and DIY tassels

My original idea of painting a portion of the basket actually worked to set off the light colored tassels- and I've been loving black mixed with the neutral tones.



- Basket (Either new, or one found from the thrift store)
- Silk yarn for Tassels: I used this tutorial from Sarah Samuel Sherman to make mine
- Black latex paint
- Medium and small brushes to paint the basket
- Tape (to plan out where to put the tassels)
- Superglue
- Large thick needle or crochet hook

1) If you are making tassels, go ahead and make a bunch of those. I wish I could tell you more about where to find the yarn I used for the tassels, but I can't remember! (Sorry!) I pulled it from my stash, and for the life of me can't remember where I found it. I love the texture of it though- it looks similar to raffia, but is much softer and delicate. If I could just remember where it came from, I'd be making tassels all day long. (Actually, maybe it's a good thing I can't remember...)

2) Apply black paint to the basket with a brush. I was conflicted whether I should use matte or gloss, and I'm quite pleased with the matte because it still has a healthy sheen. I think the gloss would have been too much of a disconnect with the natural materials.

You can tape off the basket if you're nervous about making a straight line, but I just went for it. This is 2 coats.

3) Use some tape to attach tassels to the basket before you secure. This will let you space out exactly where you would like them to go.

4) Attach the tassels to the basket. I just poked the top tails through some of the basket weaving and then tied them into a double knot. Apply a dot of superglue to make sure they are super secure before trimming the ends.

Thrifted basket tassel DIY
Upcycled tassle basket

This was a super, super easy up-cycle- one you could do in a couple of hours on the weekend. And I think it makes a still pretty, but ordinary basket so much more chic!