Easy chalkboard paper runner and greens Holiday Table

Holiday Table Setting Greens Citrus

Our Friendsgiving table brought the drama this year- and it was super affordable and super easy to do! Let me break it down for you:

The base was a roll of black chalkboard paper I picked up at the Target dollar spot for $3 (Last year, but I did find this paper, it's more expensive, but looks similar. Or, use brown craft paper instead.)

Table Runner Chalkboard paper flowers

On top of the paper, I layered simple greens. I picked up 3-4 bunches at Von's grocery store for about $6 a bundle. I frequently see similar greens at Trader Joe's on the cheap. The best part- they usually are a mix of whatever is seasonal at the moment. This table was for Thanksgiving, and you could certainly use similar greens, or, you could layer in evergreen or holly for a more traditional Christmas table. It's completely up to you. 

chalkboard paper table runner greens citrus

I placed my taper candle holders roughly where I wanted them, then, starting from the middle, simply laid the greens from the center of the table out. Pointing the base of the stems towards the center of the table and layering the stems on top of each other as I went along. No vase and no water required. 

After the greens were down, I scattered some tangerines for color and low votive candles throughout. You could also use apples, persimmons or pomegranates for a pop of seasonal color. I love using produce as decor because I get to transform it into something yummy when the day is over.

Easy table runner with chalkboard paper and pen

Now for the fun part! After everything was laid down, I drew in some simple leafy greens on the chalkboard paper with a chalk pen. I'll be honest, it looked more like white marker than chalk, but I was fine with that. If you're not, you may want to actually use chalk- although that might be a little more challenging + messy to execute.

Holiday place setting with herb bouquet
Holiday table setting Herb bouquet

Each guest also had a mini herb bouquet they could take home with them after dinner. 

Holiday table greens eucalyptus citrus chalkboard
Holiday table vintage candle sticks chalkboard paper runner

BTW- all of the taper holders are vintage I've collected over the years. Love being able to bring them out for special occasions like this!