Fashionista decor inspiration: garment rack closets

Oh Pinterest...why do you do this to me: Torment me with these impeccably styled closets. I would love to have a casually placed garment rack with perfectly spaced, color coordinated duds, but you and I both know that I have WAY too many garments (despite my best efforts following Marie Kondo's advice.) And also- I live with a man. Who sleeps in the same bedroom as me. Who also wouldn't be swayed by my "fashionista inspired" decor decisions. The only way this would fly, is if we lived in a loft with no closets. And even then, there would be insistence for some form of containment system. Actually, the insistence would come from me. Because if my clothes are out on display, so are his. And frankly, there are just one too many Vikings jerseys up in that mix. 

So for now, lets just dream and be inspired.