Holiday Wreath making party done right

colorful SoCal Christmas Decor

When Kate at Drinking With Chickens invites you over, you say yes before she even tells you what you'll be doing. In this case, it was for a holiday Wreath making party. You can check out all of the details over at DWC, but I just had to share a few (ok, a lot) of photos I snapped that day.  

holiday party cheese tray
wreath making party invite Very Sarie
Holiday wreath making party

Kate asked me if I could do an invite for the party, and I happily obliged. And of course she had the best spread of food. (She makes a mean cheese platter. Seriously, I dream of them.) 

I loved that she put all of the greenery we would be using to make the wreaths down the center of the table like a runner. 

making wreaths drinking with chickens
drinking with chickens wreath party
white boxer drinking with chickens

Naturally, if you have a blog called Drinking with Chickens, there will be drinks. The bar was set up with make your own Shaker and Spoon cocktails (more on that later this week.) Scroll through the images above to see all the tasty + pretty drinks we made.

holiday nails
Drinking with Chickens Party
holiday party with chickens
Holiday Chickens

And chickens. There are always chickens. Good looking chickens at that. Head on over to Drinking with Chickens to get the whole lowdown on the day!