Joshua Tree Airbnb: Diamond Sky Retreat

Several months ago, Mr. Gooder and I stayed at an Airbnb in Joshua Tree that we can't stop thinking about: Diamond Sky Retreat. It's a mid-century, desert oasis dream. And the best part: there're three bedrooms- which means there's room for a party. And trust me, once you check in, you won't want to be going anywhere else.

joshua tree air bnb
vintage records at airbnb

One of our favorite parts of the stay, was the record player and  massive collection of great vinyl. Another quirky detail that stole our hearts: a retro TV/VCR combo also outfitted with it's own collection of video tapes that'll have you spouting out story after story starting with "Oh my god! When I saw this movie..."

joshua tree retreat
Mid Century Desert home
Joshua tree vacation rental

Dreamy details scattered into every corner and cupboard.

Joshua tree airbnb
joshua tree airbnb
vintage stone glass
joshua tree retreat
joshua tree airbnb

Thank you Diamond Sky Retreat! Can't wait to visit again!