Life Lately

Snapshots of life lately:

Rhubarb Grapefruit Smash Cocktail
Rhubarb and grapefruit cocktail
Kate from Drinking with Chickens

Last weekend, I headed over to Kate's house to help her shoot some photos. Unfortunately, those images aren't ready for prime time yet, but while I was there I forced- er, um PERSUADED her to create another cocktail to shoot. (And ultimately, drink. See how that works?) Also, I may or may not have convinced her to stand barefoot in a minefield of chicken poop for a few shots. To be fair, she didn't need much convincing. {wink}.

Head over to Drinking with Chickens for more images + the recipe for these purple basil and rhubarb sours. I kinda hate grapefruit (one of the main ingredients) but that didn't stop me from slurping down more than one of these pure magic, summertime elixirs.

colorful farm eggs
multi-colored urban farm eggs

Speaking of Kate- one of the perks of having a friend with chickens is that every time I hang out with her, she showers me with pretty, delicious eggs. I can't stop myself from snapping a few pics no matter how many times I'm sent home with them. I mean, just look at these perfectly pale blue, ecru and speckled specimens of perfection.

Blooming Cactus Plant

This weekend we were dazzled by a cactus plant in the backyard that conjured a magnificent bloom seemingly overnight. I'm still mystified by it.

Pumpkin Plants

My answer to "how does your garden grow" this season has been "not well." I've been struggling with my little patch of veggies and herbs. And to add insult to injury, Mr. Gooder contributed pumpkin plants from seed and they are going ape sh*t. It's not really a contest, but- oh who am I kidding, it's totally a contest and he is gloriously winning. Good news is, I get to win too when I eat the pumpkins. :)

Outdoor pillows Ikea Fabric

I've also been doing a big spruce up in the realm of the backyard. I've added some new furniture, plants, and a few DIY projects and I'll be doing a big reveal once I'm completely finished. I couldn't help but show a sneaky peek of some oversized floor pillows I made though. The fabric is from Ikea- unfortunately, I don't think it's still available. I bought it several years ago, and once upon a time, these pillows were drapes in our previous house. Gotta love a good recycling project!

Feast by Sarah Copeland

Lastly, I spent a fair amount of time digging through my cookbooks last night and enthusiastically settled in for a nice long flip with Feast by Sarah Copeland. The images (captured by Yunhee Kim) transport me to simple suppers with friends, and summer nights binging on farmer's market finds. It made for a delightful evening of inspiration- both on the cooking and image capturing fronts.