I'm a mentor at the upcoming Maker Mentors Conference

I'm very passionate about sharing my knowledge + past wins and failures with other makers, designers and artists. I feel the more we can share, the more we can all lift each other up. I truly believe a rising tide lifts all boats. 

That's why I'm really excited to be a part of this years Maker Mentors Holiday Conference as one of the Mentors! What is Maker Mentors? Glad you asked: Maker Mentors is bringing togehter some of the most respected marketing experts & established creative business owners to discuss new ideas for growing your business and managing the season. Sounds cool, right??


online & everywhere

 September 19th, 2015

Get more details and register here.


Here're some of the topics being covered:

• Optimizing your online shop for the holiday season
• Using social media to find new customers
• Getting bloggers to write about your products
• Creating a media kit for your brand
• Selling your art online.

The conference features 10 live-streamed sessions plus downloadable resources and extra tips and tools. Each attendee will be matched with a mentor for a private coaching session after the conference, and you have the chance to win me as your mentor!

As an added bonus, Maker Mentors is letting me extend a discount to you. Just enter discount code “MAKERMENTORS” to save $25 off of your registration. The conference is this weekend, so don't delay- go secure your spot today!