New Products: Very Sarie for Guildery


I'm very excited to announce a new line of products featuring Very Sarie patterns: "Maisie" for Guildery! I loved working on this collection, and was thrilled when Guildery asked to use it for their products.

As you know, I'm fond of using vintage inspiration and then giving my designs a modern twist, and this collection is no different. I'm a big Downton Abbey fan (I mean, who ISN'T), and was having a love affair with the gorgeous jewelry worn by the actors on the show, so I decided to create some designs inspired by it. To keep it from feeling too precious, I punched up the daintiness with a fresh and bright color palette. If you'd like to read more about the inspirations for this collection, I had the pleasure of sharing my inspiration board + some other thoughts and studio shots over on the Guildery Blog.

And who/what is Guildery you may ask? Well, Guildery makes it simple for design enthusiasts to finish a room with color-coordinated fabrics. The company curates exclusive patterns from leading artists (like me!), then produces high quality home textiles and upholstered accessories on-demand. The printed fabric collections are bundled with color-coordinated solid fabrics and paint colors to offer consumers easy home decorating kits at affordable-luxury price points. Cool, huh? 

See the whole collection of products on Guildery here.