New wedding invitation designs for Elli

One of my favorite design partners is Elli. I'll tell you why: Getting custom illustrated and designed wedding invitations is EXPENSIVE. And if you can afford it- go for it. They're an instant heirloom for you and your groom. But here's the deal, I know so many young couples that just CAN'T afford to do that. These are the brides I design for with Elli. I want to make sure that there are stylish, modern, FUN invites out there that even brides on a budget can get. 

My latest round of designs were inspired by the So Cal lifestyle + desert living. Each have 3 different colors to choose from- Or, you can work with one of Elli's designers to make the invite colors custom for your wedding. And Elli let's you order 3 free samples, so you can get a good look at the designs before making your decision. 

My newest designs are below, and you can find all of my designs with Elli here.

Even if you are not a bride to be, you may know someone who is- so feel free to share this with them. It just might be what they've been looking for!