Sewing your own lingerie

I made a bra! I made a bra! I made a bra! (Two actually!) 

Very Sarie Watson Bra Champagne lace
Close up of Lace Watson Bra

Throughout different phases of my life I've sewn quite a bit, but the last several years, I haven't done much of it. When I pulled my machine out to make new pillows for the shop, I remembered how much I enjoyed it- It's such a zen, creative process.

In this day and age, it's easy to blow off creative pursuits because it's generally cheaper and easier to just go to the store and pick something up- this is especially true of sewing. Trust me, by the time you invest in the materials and the time it takes to construct something, it's not really something you do to save money. It's something you do to create a feeling of pride and accomplishment. It's something you do just for the creativity of it. It's something you do to get lost in a moment of creating the perfect row of stitches. As I'm writing this, I'm realizing it's a lot like yoga or meditation in that way. 

Lace Watson Bra Sewn by Very Sarie
Watson Longline Lace Bra

After I dusted my machine off, I went down the rabbit hole of sewing blogs, and I came across Ada Spragg. Her about page is filled with beautiful thoughts on "why sew," including this gem:

Pouring yourself into something for no other reason than that you love it, is powerful. Creating space and time in your day for something that has no ‘real’ purpose or monetary gain, is recognizing that our souls need to be filled up too.

Yes! I also discovered lots of young ladies whipping up bralettes like they were handfuls of skittles. And I was hooked. I had to give it a go myself.  (My hands down favorite of the lingerie inclined blogs is Madalynne. Go have a look and prepared to be dazzled. You'll understand why I was so easily seduced into the DIY lingerie world.)

Since this was my first go at sewing anything like this, I ordered up some bra kits from Tailor Made. That way I knew I had everything I needed. Then, I downloaded the Watson pattern from Cloth Habit. It seemed to be the reigning queen out there for a bra that is both easy for a first timer like me + pretty, functional and versatile. After having made a couple, I couldn't agree more- and intend to make many, many more.

Watson Bra sewn by Very Sarie

First up, is this impossibly romantic one in a champagne rose colored lace. I actually swapped the hardware for the two kits I bought, and used the rose gold for this one, and then the gold hardware for the black and white bra.

watson bra in white with black and gold accents
Watson bra sewn by Very Sarie
Strap detail of Watson Bra by Cloth Habit
Watson long line bra in white lace with black accents

The half scallop detail on the cups was a happy accident. I actually made the cups too small, and then I didn't have enough lace left over for the bigger size. So I made them out of the mesh I used to line the band, and then used scraps of the lace over the cups- I actually love this WAY more than the original version I messed up! 

When I was finished with the bras, I had some champagne colored lace left over, so I couldn't resist whipping up a pair of matching knickers too.

Watson Bra and Panty set in lace
watson bra and panty in lace

Although I have so much more to learn about sewing lingerie, I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy it was to make these. (It helped tremendously that the pattern is forgiving and Amy from Cloth Habit created a sew along for it too!)

What do you think- If you sew, would you try a project like this? And if you don't sew, does this give you inspiration to try or sign up for a class? Let me know in the comments!