Sweet Potato carrot orange juice recipe

sweet potato carrot orange juice
sweet potato carrot orange juice
sweet potato carrot orange juice

Sometimes my juicing adventures can be a little dodgy (just ask Mr. Gooder.) I rarely follow recipes- deferring instead to rifling through the fridge and tossing in a little of this and a little of that. 

I have mostly adequate, sometimes completely disastrous results, but every once in a while complete magic comes out of the juicer spout. This, my friends, was one of those times. 

I heard juicing sweet potatoes was healthy. Honestly, it sounded weird, but I had one and not much else so figured "what the hell." My strategy was to stick with all orange and it worked out brilliantly. Here's what I tossed in:

• (1) Sweet Potato
• (2-3) average sized carrots
• (1) large or (2-3) small to medium oranges. 

The texture is not like other juices. It's almost creamy from the sweet potato. And the sweetness of the orange balances out some of the earthiness from the potato and carrots. (Although, those have some sweetness too- this is definitely NOT a low carb juice!!)

Try it out- I'd love to know what you think!