Touring LA: Griffith Observatory

A few weeks ago, my brother came to town for a quick trip, so it was the perfect excuse to play tourist in our own city for a day. I love taking out-of-towners anywhere up high so they can get a great view of the expanse that is Los Angeles (The Getty Museum is another favorite of mine.) A stop at the Griffith Observatory jumped to the top of the list since we were already in the neighborhood. And whoa- I don't know if it's the La La Land effect or what, but holy balls was it busy!! (Note to self- from now on, get there early and probably on a weekday.)

Since it was so packed we didn't spend a ton of time inside. Instead, we opted to lazily stroll around the building and take in the amazing architecture and views. It was one of those days that made me happy to be an Angelino.