Up your bar game with Cucumber Basil infused vodka

cucumber basil infused vodka

Wanna impress the shi*t out of your friends while barely lifting a finger? I've got two words for you: infused booze. It may be one of the easiest ways ever to up your at home bar game. The possibilities are limitless too. Today, we're going to start out with something extra easy + crowd pleasing: cucumber basil infused vodka. Read on for the {ahem} recipe.

cucumber basil infused vodka

1) Grab yourself a big ol' mason jar.

2) Chop up a cucumber and put it in the jar.

3) Pour a bottle of vodka into the jar.

4) Seal it up and place it in a cool dark spot for 2-3 days.

5) Taste. You want it to be about 80% of your cucumber taste at this point. The longer you infuse the more cucumber taste you'll get. Some people infuse for as long as a week- it'll be mighty strong at that point though.

6) When your vodka is 80% of how "cucumber-y" you want it, tear up 3-5 leaves of basil and mix those in. 

7) infuse an additional 1-2 days with the basil, then strain vodka into a clean container when the taste is to your liking. 

That's it- It really is that easy! Your friends and neighbors will be fooled into thinking you're a proper mixologist. (Don't worry, your secret's safe with me.) 

Enjoy your new infusion straight up as a martini, or mix it up in an extra tasty gimlet. The lime and cucumber are a perfect combo.

cucumber basil vodka infused martini